ANILORE BANON creates her works on the border between the imagination and the real. Fearlessly transgressing the fine line between the impossible and the possible, the artist places her works in the geography of magical places: Place Vendôme, a treasure trove of the priceless, Omaha Beach, the heroic landing site of the D-Day, space and soon the Moon, which has illuminated earthly life since the first human being gazed at the sky.


From monumental sculptures weighing several tons to space-bound works weighing only a few grams, Anilore breathes eternal life into her creations, the life of the immense power of women and men to change their destiny and make the impossible, possible.


Anilore Banon's work goes beyond the artistic odyssey to create works of sharing. These works take on their full meaning through their connections with the Other. 


Anilore sculpts an eternal breath that those who animate it happily breathe. Thousands of veterans and their families experience her monumental sculpture “Les Braves” during the D-Day celebrations. Soon, a million people will have left the imprint of their hands on "Vitae," a sculpture for the Moon. A unique link is forged between the handprints left by our earliest ancestors on the walls of their caves and the hands of humanity now ready to journey to the stars.


Anilore Banon is an artist liberated from norms. She doesn't follow the fashion of codes but reinvents them, making the impossible her hallmark.


She lived successively in the United States and Italy. Her travels take her to China, South Africa, and the North Pole. She now works in Ivry sur Seine where she has set up her studio in a former pharmaceutical plant.


Anilore has told courage with "Les Braves," installed in the sea on Omaha Beach for the 60th anniversary of the landing, -the upright Man with "Les Portes de la Lumière" at the Monnaie de Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in Nice the Word with "10 Commandments for a New Millennium," which, at the dawn of the third millennium, inspires a united humanity, installed for the first time in Place Vendôme in Paris and then in the Matignon gardens of French Prime minister for the Year of Fraternity, in Italy on the footsteps of the Flaminia Road in the gardens of Carsulae... -Or even --the laughter with "Le jardin du rir" in collaboration with the children of hospitals (Debré) or "La bande rit" sur le Bète" welcoming students from the University of Casablanca in Morocco from its height of 10 meters. 


As a Future-Oriented Artist (FOA), she is currently working on an artistic and scientific odyssey of over ten years, to celebrate the power of a united humanity: the Vitae project, a million handprints on a moving sculpture. She has chosen a magical and universal location for her permanent installation: the Moon.